Procurement and contract management

The majority of our contracts are carried out on a collaborative basis, where we are engaged very early in the design process with the clients, architect, and consultants. We have a large database of recorded costs for previous energy efficient and PH builds, and working collaboratively means we can use this to the best advantage for all parties by pricing to a tighter margin and honouring the trust placed in us by the clients. Our aim is to encourage the general adoption and spread of the Passivhaus standard, not to make it an expensive and limited option.

We do also do competitive tenders, but this can result in inflated costs and unnecessary work for all parties.

We also take on  jobs post-planning and work up the detailing and Building Regs application ourselves.

We are happy to work with any architects, but we would advise the appointment of a Passivhaus consultant early on in the process if the architect is not experienced in Passivhaus or energy efficient construction.

Our main co-conspirators are:

Charles Grylls of Dempsey Decourcy Architects

Nick Grant, Passivhaus Consultant