Welcome to Mike Whitfield Construction

This is a small business with many years experience of energy efficient construction. The director, Mike Whitfield, works on site with site operatives who are both male and female, cover a wide age range, and are all sympathetic with environment conscious and conservation building. Our ideal projects allow us to combine the soul quality and artistic freedom of traditional craftsmanship with the thermal performance of an energy efficient modern building.


Old Holloway wins small projects category in 2018 Passivhaus Trust Awards

Self builder (and Architype architect) Juraj Mikurcik won this award for his superbly designed and detailed single storey house. The shell was completed to ‘lock up’ by Mike Whitfield Construction Ltd.  


The full project blog can be viewed here:


Scientific (!) test of a 300mm long piece of JJI joist

Testing a short piece of UK made JJI joist with Nick Grant, PH consultant from Elemental Solutions. The inner flange is clamped in the vice to replicate an i- beam stud with the inner flange supported on the wall plate and the outer flange cantilvered over the perimeter insulation. In this case we have 96kg added to a 300mm long piece, the equivalent of loading each stud with 320kg per lineal metre, or 533kg per square metre of external wall, which is about 14 times the weight of a normal loading from a cement board and render.